Kentucky High School Basketball Hall of Fame

Elizabethtown, Kentucky


Elizabethtown, Kentucky


13,500 SF

In addition to telling the history of high school basketball in the Commonwealth, this facility will also be a venue for basketball clinics. Interior features include spaces for business meetings; lecture hall; conference/retreat center; two small meeting rooms; large multi-purpose space, with basketball half court; and a gallery area, with display spaces, apparel/souvenir shop, and concession stand.

A historic church will be renovated, and serve an anchor for the new facility. Brick on the existing church will be cleaned to match the facade of the new building.

Materials from the historic church will be recycled and re-purposed in order to breathe new life into the community, as well as support implementation of “green” design elements. Additional sustainability components include daylighting; insulated roof/wall assemblies; and light-colored roofing materials; as well as energy efficient lighting and windows.

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